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Discharging Capacitors

By May 11, 2018Prime IT Systems

Sometimes hardware causes things to get weird. Monitors will get strange colors, internet connections will stop working, or keyboards won’t type. These can all be signs that your device’s capacitors need to be discharged. For strange hardware-related issues, sometimes this 30-second fix will do the trick. This applies to computers, monitors, and even some cell phones.

To discharge capacitors in any piece of hardware with a power button:

  1. Fully turn off/shut down the device.
  2. Remove any power source (e.g. power cable, battery).
  3. Hold down the power button for 20-30 seconds.
    1. You may see lights flicker on the device. This is normal and actually a sign that you are on the right track.
  4. Plug the device back in to its power cable and/or battery.
  5. Turn it on and test it.

If this works, you have successfully fixed your computer…Congratulations!  If not then talk to your IT team or call Prime IT at 614-384-0020.